customer care contact phone directoryWelcome to a blog with intent on sharing news worthy articles about various different topics, such as:

  • News on UK digital satellite providers such as SKY and their competitors such as virgin media and talk talk. We will look at market comparison’s of all the main utility providers that deal with broadband and home telephone systems.
  • We will also keep you up to date in the latest utility company news, energy companies price changes and new technology related to renewable energy.

As government policies change we will keep you in the loop on changes to benefit agencies such as; working / child tax credits, child maintenance, disability living allowance and job seekers allowance. The benefity system is quite a contentious topic in the public theatre at present. With cuts being made to public services and austerity at an all time high, many are struggling to make ends meet as the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. People are now looking at the likes of David Corbyn for his socialist policies.

This website will also aim to provide you with a telephone directory tho all the major companies and government agencies based in the UK. It can be hard to fine the free phone number or even the landline number to a company, we have done all the tedious trawling of the internet to find the cheapest numbers . We have categorised them and pleased them on our user friendly website for your convenience. By all means, bookmark this website for future reference so you may fine it easy to locate the customer service contact number that you are looking for.

When looking for a helpline, whether it is the DVLA (The driving license agency), British Gas, E.On or any other Uk company for that matter,  use the search function and it will serve you the desired page that you a looking for. All of our contact telephone numbers will generally be 0843 numbers which are 7p per minute plus your networks surcharge. If you are unsure about the costs to the contact numbers that we provide please contact your service provider for the most up to date costs that are relevant to you.

If you have any company numbers that are missing from our website do not hesitate to email us with the details and we will add it to our customer service directory. We are always grateful to any help that our customers give us. We appreciate any social media shares you make of our website as we intent on socially interacting with our website users.

We may also recommend books or products from amazon or eBay from time to time. Our reviews will be honest and constructively critical. This may be our own personal view which may differ from others so please take this into account.

We are a media group based in the UK that specialises in online marketing, digital media, customer service contact directories and news blogs.

Please enjoy using our services, and contact us to leave any feed back. We aim to make our sites as user friendly as possible while making them social engaging. We always take on the comments of our visitors and strive to enhance our telephone directory. Please note that we are not affiliated with any of the government agencies or companies listed on our website. For any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us. We wish you a pleasant visit.

We are also thinking about reviewing all the the top companies and services in the UK such as, Sky, BT, British Gas, Vodafone, T-Mobile, EE, Orange and e.on.

Please check back regular to see the reviews.