Author: Armando Shelton

How to Choose a Depth Finder for Fishing

Whether you are a regular fisherman by profession or the fishing is just a favorite time pass for you, a depth finder undoubtedly makes your fishing experience much easier. Being an experienced fishing professional, you would be certainly aware of what a depth finder is, and how can it help you in fishing. So definitely I am not going to waste your precious time to explain the importance of depth finder. Rather, I would take the opportunity to share you some important tips and factors that will help you in order to choose a right depth finder for fishing.

Almost all the depth finders come with quite comparable features, but in different price ranges. Mostly the buyers show their interest procuring expensive products but it is not all true that an expensive one can only be the best. Please keep in your mind, every depth finder has a very common feature called as Manual sensitivity and this feature enables you locating thermo cline in the modest way. However, it is a rarely used tool, but a Manual Range can also be considered as an another attribute when it comes to choose a useful depth finder to meet your fishing requirement; it can certainly be an effective utensil so as to chase up schooling fishes.

Fish Icon is another feature you would have heard of and it works as great fish finder for you; basically this product exposes the representation of a fish when the reverted echo revealing a balanced corpse and that is why this feature, nowadays, is very common in the most of the depth finder as it makes the fishing much more productive. You must consider this feature to be the part the depth finder you are going to buy.

Other than the above features we have discussed above, there are quite a lot of other features depth finders are coming laced with. But do remember that the more features the more complication in terms of use. So no matter which kind of advanced fish finders along with numerous features you are going to opt for, but makes sure the manufactures also provides you an easy Menu interface which enables the device working comfortably with simple steps. We can take the menu button as an example in this matter; how easier it would be for you to use the device if it displays all the available options by simply clicking its menu button.

It is always a great practice to look for the latest and advanced features not matter what product you are going to get for you, and so as, a fish finder or depth finder too in this matter. One the most advanced and necessary feature you should definitely look into your finder is GPS. This important feature will not only help you marking out the areas where plenty of fishes are present for you to make your day as a fisher man, but at the same time it will also functions as a life saver mechanism for you in case your fishing boat is getting disabled. This way you can easily co-ordinate with rescue team around you.

So this was a short guideline for you to choose an exactly same depth finder for yourself as per your requirement where as plenty of options available in the market to make you confused.

Stand up paddle boarding, the sport that’s growing on the back of the surfing trend!


stand up paddle boarding

Stand up paddle boarding might be a sport you have come across before, but ever since 2010 it has done nothing but grow. In fact it has grown directly off the back of surf boarding. Ever since the 1970’s surfboarding has been on the rise and as a direct result a few decades later stand up paddle boarding has grown immensely. From 1.1 million active boarders in 2010, the numbers in 2015 grew to over 3 million.

To understand why this is the case we have to look at who takes part in this recreational activity. The largest age group that actively participates are 35-44 year olds closely followed by 25-34 year olds. Essentially as the 90’s surf crew begins to feel the strain on their knees they tend to turn to a more relaxing version of their beloved sport. 45-54 year olds and 55+ year old paddle boarders actually are more plentiful than 18-24 year olds, as the youthful sporting types prefer to go for surfing.

Although surfing isn’t necessarily bad for the knees, after the age of 35 the lower body and core strength starts to dwindle unless you are constantly undertaking regular exercise to keep the muscles to a point where you can continue surfing. Stand up paddle boarding offers a more relaxing alternative that older individuals can partake in without too much strain on the joints and muscles.

Whilst surfing requires you to tackle the waves head on paddle boarding offers you the healthy choice of a relaxing puddle in the sun, with the option to tackle the waves with the assistance of the paddle, something that a veteran surfer should have no trouble doing.

With participants of the sport up year on year between 15 and 20 percent for the past five years, it might be time to investigate the sport and look into the range of 2017 best stand up paddle boards that are available online.

As the sports gains popularity especially in America (but pretty much anywhere with a warm tropical climate and beaches) 2017 will undoubtedly see a rise in the number of users again. Australia as one of the capitals of surfing as well as tropical climates and beautiful pristine beaches, has also seen a rise in the popularity of stand up paddle boarding.

If you are curious about the cost involved in taking up the sport, it isn’t that great. For a starter kit a board and a paddle can cost anything from $350+, but that’s it, the only other cost involved is getting yourself to the beach. Weather permitting you won’t even need a wet suit, but even if you do they range from $100. To make the experience even more awesome we personally would recommend a Go Pro camera. These come with waterproof cases and can be mounted on the front of the board, either pointing at yourself or at where you are going. Most car roof racks will accommodate the transporting of a paddle board and oar too. This is a sport we can definitely recommend, even if you aren’t a skilled surfer, looking for something less arduous, if you are looking for a recourse of relaxing mild exercise this could be the perfect activity for you this summer.


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